AJF Electrical Distributors is proud to announce it has become the exclusive South Australian supplier of lightning protection solutions made in Australia by Lightning Protection International Pty Ltd (LPI).

This is an exciting addition to AJF, especially as LPI is Australian owned and manufactured.

This exclusive agreement will benefit AJF customers tremendously as LPI shares the same values: priding itself on supplying quality goods backed by expert knowledge and service.

LPI’s range of products includes direct strike lightning protection, transient voltage surge suppression and earth/grounding solutions. Products are made at its head office in Tasmania.

Boasting extensive experience in risk management, system design, training, installation, certification and commissioning of systems in a variety of industry groups, LPI will work closely with AJF to meet the vast range of challenges encountered by our customers.

The biggest advantage of customers buying LPI goods is the manufacturer is located in Australia and has its own research facility to investigate solutions. Help and advice is always readily available. LPI has invested in field and laboratory testing of its products so we know we are selling quality lightning protection goods to AJF’s South Australian customers.

The AJF team is eager to share news about the LPI range with customers. To request a catalogue or meet with one of our team, please call 08 8269 6400 today.