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AJF Electrical Distributors are a premier hazourdous area solutions company.

With over 35 years of experience in this field, AJF Electrical Distributors was established to cater for the needs of Electrical Contractors, Consultants, O.E.M's and End Users. 

AJF are distributors for Cooper Crouse-Hinds, Cooper Crouse-Hinds has a long legacy of leadership in harsh and hazardous environments and we have a global presence to solve your needs wherever you do business.

Today Cooper Crouse-Hinds has grown into a diversified worldwide provider of electrical products that perform reliably and safely in harsh and hazardous environments. Our leadership in product innovation, engineering, manufacturing, distribution and technical support has become the benchmark for entire industries.

Through organic growth and strategic acquisitions, Cooper Crouse-Hinds serves more markets than ever before. Our products meet codes, standards and certifications in rapidly growing regions throughout Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. Our technical expertise, distribution and support services extend our global reach.

Yet we are far more than a product supplier or solutions provider. For customers across the world, we are a partner that integrates a comprehensive product line with global distribution and technical support, industry insights and marketing assistance. We devote extraordinary resources to listening to our customers—to understanding their individual and evolving needs, the characteristics of their markets, and the trends that influence them. Combining insights with innovation, we not only stay in step with our customers, we keep miles ahead of the competition.